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Registered: ‎09-22-2009
How do I transfer money from my checking account to my PayPal account?

Where do I go to transfer money to my PayPal account from my checking account?




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in reply to gourd222

Look for the Withdraw tab in your PayPal account.

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in reply to gourd222

Hello Ed, My fellow ebay members is partial right, Sign into your paypal account then click on ADD MONEY, this will allow you to add money from your USA bank account to your paypal account, takes about 3 days. Withdawl allows you to take money out of paypal account either by transfer to your bank account or you can request a check.

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in reply to gourd222

if your bank account is linked to your paypal account, thereis no need to transfer money into your paypal account.

you have already agreed to allow paypal to withdraw funds straight from your bank account to pay for your purchases.


the 'withdraw' feature mentioned by a responder above is used to transfer funds from your paypal account to your bank account.