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Community Member
How do I bill someone through PayPal?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-02-2013

A customer suggested I bill them through PayPal for services rendered. This is not the first time someone has offered to pay through PayPal, but I have not done this before.

Other Answers: 5
Community Member
Posts: 12,108
Registered: ‎11-11-2005
in reply to floyd4207

You have never received any feedback as a seller, so I will assume that this transaction has nothing to do with ebay, and you didn't make contact with this customer through ebay.  Assuming this to be the case, this is not an "off-ebay" transaction as the term is used here, because there was never anything "on-ebay" about it.


You will need to use the  "request money" tab from your PayPal account. If you're using this for a business, then you should make sure that your PayPal account is either a Premier or a Business account -- personal accounts are not to be used for business purposes.


PayPal charges 2.9% of the total payment, plus $0.30. That's about the cheapest rates available for a low-volume merchant. Most merchant gateways charge higher rates than that unless you do thousands of dollars of business each year (or month).

Community Member
Posts: 650
Registered: ‎07-20-2004
in reply to floyd4207

Or maybe this has nothing to do with eBay and you are selling from, say, an auto agency.  If that is the case, go to paypal.com and look into signing up for the appropriate type of account. 


PayPal does charge sellers a hefty percentage of the sales price.


Good luck, and feel free to come back here if you need more help, especially on eBay matters.

Community Member
Posts: 650
Registered: ‎07-20-2004
in reply to floyd4207

Unless you are selling in eBay Motors, Real Estate, or Adult Only sections, you are required to ask for payment in an electronic format, and PayPal is the best.


If you are selling in Motors or Real Estate, though, you should NOT use PayPal.

Community Member
Posts: 7,281
Registered: ‎02-18-2005
in reply to floyd4207

If you have a PayPal account you can send and receive payments for many reasons, it is not just used for eBay.


I used PayPal for my high school reunion for example...


You would login to your account and Request Money, you can request money for goods or services.



Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.

Login to PayPal!
Community Member
Posts: 36,828
Registered: ‎11-02-2006
in reply to floyd4207

If this is an eBay transaction then the buyer needs to use the "Pay Now" button located in the listing.


I don't see any active or completed listings for you. Is this an off-eBay transaction?

I am not an eBay employee. I'm a US eBay Community Volunteer.