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Registered: ‎08-21-2012
How can add more money to the payment, the seller is asking me to pay u$5 extra to sending the item to my P.O Box? help

I really need an answer for this, I'm new in this kind of process.

Thank you

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Registered: ‎08-24-2010
in reply to kathy_saa

First of all, you should only be paying what the sellers auction states, regarding ship costs.


There's no such thing as a seller asking for a $5.00 additional ship cost because they'd be shipping to a P.O. box.....




Just because you have a P.O. box for your paid item to be shipped to, your carrier would leave a card or sorts, stating you have a package for p/u if it doesn't fit in your box. With that, you'd need to go to your P.O. during open hours, to p/u..


WOWZA, on that sellers YUK way to handle business.......


Good Luck! (I wouldn't pay that extra $5 if it wasn't stated in the auction)....

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in reply to kathy_saa


Is this for the shirts you purchased today, if so the seller has free shipping to your country and cannot charge you more.




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in reply to kathy_saa
You need not pay more than the PAY NOW button on the completed listing page says. It is a violation for a seller to ask for more money. Go pay and if he refunds your money, come back here and ask a new question as to what to do then.
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