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Registered: ‎03-21-2013
How can I unlink my eBay account from PayPal? By linking, my browser now crashes. I cannot resolve.

Today, while paying for an auction, I clicked on the option to link my PayPal account to eBay. Now, when I go to the pay screen for another purchase which I made, my Internet Explorer browser becomes inoperative, and I cannot get to PayPal. I try to click on the link "unlink from PayPal," but since my browser stops working, I cannot navigate anywhere on the pay screen...not even to pay via a different method than PayPal. How can I unlink the two? I've gone to the PayPal website, and cannot find anywhere on that site to unlink either. Help, I can't pay, and I am stuck, stuck, stuck!

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in reply to bunegirl

Internet Explorer has well known problems with Ebay.   If you switch browsers and use Firefox or Chrome you will probably not have those problems.