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Registered: ‎02-11-2013
Does the annual Paypal Report show Ebay Fees? If so, where on the report?? (There are several ambiguous categories/items.)

The Paypal Fees are clearly marked, but then there are multiple items (not clearly defined) that COULD be the Ebay fees ... or not.  A more detailed report would be most helpful.


Is it under "Other Activity?"  

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in reply to glengreen-nh

Yes, inceptions has it right. Paypal lists them all separately and they are noted as ebay seller account payments.


There is another way to get ONLY the fees, if you want them that way.


Go to your seller account (my ebay>account>seller account>all account activity) then do the drag down menu on the right side to see the last 18 months of invoices for all your fees broken down by month

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in reply to glengreen-nh

From the PayPal History tab, you can download all your activity to a spreadsheet. Once you get the spreadsheet, you can sort all your transactions by type and total them. Very handy for tax time.