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Does my account email address have to match my Paypal email address?

The buyer claims he made a payment.  It never showed up in the Paypal account attached to my ebay account.  My ebay account and Paypal account do not share the same email address.  He claims this is why it did not show up.

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in reply to bmilo31

Does my account email address have to match my Paypal email address?



Your buyer is correct!


Add the other email address to the list of 8 permitted email addresses in your PayPal account, and then collect the money.


... unless you do not want to get paid.



Read ALL of this: 



Then, put a copy of this under your pillow, so your brain can absorb it while you are asleep: 



Also, since you have not purchased anything on eBay,Read ALL of this: 



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If the email address you used on your listing is a valid email address, just add it to Pay Pal. You can have 8 email addresses on your Pay Pal account.


If it doesn't read this link



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What email address did you use in the payment section on your listing?

That email address must be attached to your Paypal account in order to receive payment.