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Registered: ‎10-21-2012
What to do when USPS has lost a package?

USPS lost a package I sent to a buyer. What should I do? The buyer contacted the post office and they told her the package was lost.

I plan to contact them myself in the morning.

Will I have to pay back the money to the buyer or does ebay cover this kind of stuff?

Thanks for any help.


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in reply to go**accessorize**yourself

The seller has to refund the buyer when that happens.  It's up to the seller insure the package if they want.

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in reply to go**accessorize**yourself

Ebay is not in the insurance business. The cost will be expected to be covered by the seller (you). sorry


A "lost" package often shows up later. It may have been left in a mailbag that is not being used currently. I had a package returned to me last year that was lost over 6 months. If you mailed with tracking, just ask the USPS to download a "return to sender" notice on the number in their system in case it ever shows up.