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USPS tracking number says delivered, did not receive the item.

I ordered 3 items from a seller, USPS tracking number says delivered, However I did not receive the item. I waited 2 weeks and have tried to contact the seller to ask them to ship another and I would send the other shipment back if it turns up, but no response from the seller.  I even tried to get their contact info. The seller is not at fault, but they could at least communicate with me.  I contacted USPS and filed a tracking # investigation but nothing yet. I guess I just lost my money, there is nothing I can do but pray that the package finally shows up.

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in reply to suga50

You can file a claim through E bay but once an item says delivered there isn't usually much that can be done.

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in reply to suga50

Have you checked with anyone else in the house that could have gotten the package?  Or perhaps it was delivered to a neighbor by mistake.  If you weren't home, it's also possible someone could have taken it from your porch, etc.


Unfortunately, once it shows delivered, it's your word against the USPS.  In cases like this, eBay, PayPal and almost all credit card issuers will side with the seller.

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in reply to suga50

You can't file a claim with ebay.

Unfortunately you should not have waited more than a few hours to call or go to your local PO, while the memory was still fresh in the carrier's mind.  Sometimes it's a substitute or new trainee putting it in the wrong mailbox.  If you live where it might be stolen, you are out of luck.  But report it stolen to the PO anyway; they keep track, and can look for patterns of theft.