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USPS Shipping Delays December 2013?

I have had a few packages during the last 10 - 14 days take more than 5 - 6 days when using USPS Priority Mail. I'm in Wisconsin and one shipment was to Michigan, another to NY and a few to Illinois. My concern is the USPS is indicating USPS Priority mail shipments made by December 21 will arrive by December 24th.  I have not normally shipped during this time of year so any info would be appreciated.

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in reply to ocgoods2013

We have had some nightmares this month with them.

I have a lot of outstanding shipments that show zero tracking updates, so buyers are panicking.

Also had a shipment from IL to MO that wound up in San Juan Puerto Rico for a couple days before being re-routed back to MO.

Identical problem to NH that went through San Juan.

Had a package going from IL to IL that went through CA!

Now I have a buyer who opened my first case against me asking where their package is.

It was supposed to be 2 days Priority Mail sent on 12/14 and it still has not arrived.


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in reply to ocgoods2013

The USPS really puts in the hours and pulls it all together at this time of the year.  The bad weather a couple of weeks back messed things up for a while.  That week, it took 7 days for a package to get from Texas to Oklahoma.  Last week a package sent from Texas to Massachusetts arrived in 2 days.  Shipping is uncertain and something I can't control, so my personal cut-off date is today, unless it is in my state. 

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in reply to ocgoods2013

I have had a few cases opned against me by buyers from Illinois. When I went to the post office, the manager told me that there have been delays during the holiday season to this region due to inclement weather conditions.