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The seller shipped my package to the wrong address. What do I do?

I think the seller shipped my package to the wrong address.I emailed them but I got no responce yet.What can I do?Can I ask for a refund or what?

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Did they ship to the wrong address because you have the wrong address in ebay/paypal?  Do you need to update it?  Seller's are obligated to ship to the address that is in paypal.  If you have the wrong address, then you need to update it in both ebay and paypal.  And if the package is returned to the seller, then you will have to pay for shipping again.  If the address is okey in ebay/paypal and the seller did the address wrong then they will have to pay to ship it again.  If you can't reach them thru ebay messaging then you can get their contact info and call them.  Advanced next to the blue search box and on the bottom left is the link.

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The seller is obligated to ship to whatever address you had on file.

If you had the wrong address on file, hopefully you had forwarding service with the USPS.


Correct your address on file immediately.

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The seller would have shipped to the address that PayPal gives them.

If this is not the correct address, then you should indeed correct it ASAP.

Should DC show that the parcel is delivered, there is nothing that you will be able to do about it, except hope that the parcel is returned to the seller.


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You need to change it at both eBay and PayPal.
And you ESPECIALLY need to make sure the old address is REMOVED from everywhere.

My eBay > Account tab > Addresses (more than one!)
Registration address
Payment and purchase pickup address
Primary shipping address + link to view ALL shipping addresses
Primary return address + link to view ALL return addresses

PayPal.com > Profile > Add / Edit Street Address

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