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The item never arrived

I bought an item form a seller on 2012-11-21. But item never arrived. I communicates to the seller many times. We agreed that seller reship an item for 2 times, but again any item arrived. So now I want to open an ebay buyer protection case in the resolution center. But when I want to select an item on ebay customer support window, nothing happens, it doesn`t let me to select any item. When I select try searching again, go back to the list of items, or start over nothing happens. So how should I start a case on seller, because Item never arrived ?

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in reply to pauliusmateika

It is past your 45 day deadline to open a dispute.  Next time do not allow yourself to go past that deadline even if the seller claims he is re-shipping.

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It's WAY too late to do anything. You were covered by Buyer Protection for 45 days, but no longer.

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If you paid by credit card, you may still be able to get a charge back from them. Some people say you can get a charge back for several months. You can try it. Just call the number on the card.


You have 45 days of Ebay Buyer Protection from date of cleared payment. Never let a seller talk you in to waiting longer than 40 days, no matter what he promises you.


If you ever open a case against a seller, keep it open until you get your item or your refund. If it is open too long Ebay will close it. You may have to escalate the case. When something like this happens, come back and ask questions about anything you don't understand.


Read Ebay Buyer Protection so you will know how to handle problems with your purchases.