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Priority Mail package stuck in limbo. What if the USPS lost it?

Sold an item for $25 plus $11 shipping, Priority Mail flat rate box. Buyer contacted me, she hasn't received: and sure enough, the tracking information shows that the package hasn't moved in 9 days. Called the USPS, they are opening a case.


My question may be premature, because maybe the USPS will find it. But if not, then I'm assuming I need to refund the buyer's money...which means I just paid $11 to lose something, right?





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in reply to jbelinski

Yes & No, tracking is the KEY, now you know why ebay suddests always use tracking / delivery confirm. Youare not responsible for the post office looseing your package and yes they will find it, this has happened to me and I';m sure other ebayers, be patient they will find it. IF, IF in the event they don"t and the post office tells you there is no hope in finding your package then you can either issue a refund or let your buyer open a not recieved case with ebay against you which they would loose, and yes again, IF the P.O. told you no hope in finding your package, and you did issue a refund then yes. you spent $11.00 to loose tht item. BUT, again the P.O. will find that package.

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in reply to jbelinski

If you have a tracking number you have fulfilled your end of the bargain.  The buyer can go to USPS and make them reimburse her/him.  If the buyer goes to ebay to make you pay ebay will see that you shipped it and, therefore,held up your end of the deal.  If the buyer goes back to their credit card company and asks the charges be reversed you just have to supply (answer) Paypal w/ a tracking number and the buyer won't have success there either.  


Bottom line, if you held up your end of the deal, and can prove it, you are not going to lose.

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in reply to jbelinski

Did you insure the package?  If so, and it is truly lost, you will receive a refund from the USPS.


If you didn't insure it, then yes, you are out the item and $11 out of pocket.

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in reply to jbelinski

On occasion,a delivery scan is missed.

Its possible your buyer knows this & is pulling a fast one on you.

Tell them you are having "USPS investigate" and then,see what they say 

Mail fraud is a crime.

just sayin'.....

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in reply to jbelinski

Yes, you are responsible for getting it to the customer in working order. I'm not sure if USPS Priority Mail has included limited insurance or not. That would be something to ask your local PO or look up on the USPS web site.