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Accepted Solution
Item damaged in shipping, what seller do?

An item was damaged during shipping. What must a seller do when notified? The listing said 'no returns', does this affect the issue?

Accepted Solution
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in reply to kevinrevin13

A seller can say No Returns in his listing, but items lost/damaged during shipping are still his responsibility.  eBay's Buyer Protection policies will override a seller's No Returns policy every time.


However, although a seller is responsible, he also has the legal right to request proof of damage.  If the buyer can't/won't send a few clear photos, then the seller can ask for the damaged item returned prior to a full refund.


Normally, sellers don't reimburse the buyer's return shipping, but if the seller realizes faulty packing on his part caused the damage, it's better to refund this amount, too.


Good luck!

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in reply to kevinrevin13

If it was damaged during shipping it is the sellers responsibility and no returns is meaningless on eBay.


Depending on the item you could ask for pictures of the damage or return of the item but ultimately buyer is due a refund for item and original shipping.