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If mailing International first class thru ebay, does it give me a tracking # for the package? Or is that only International priority mail?

I want to make sure my package arrives-can I get a tracking number by mailing international first class if label is printed using ebay? I know it wont go thru if I just tak the package to the post office. Or do I need to just ship international priority mail for tracking number?

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in reply to debbsmny9138

You will be given a tracking number for international first class if purchased through ebay, but the actual tracking stops at the US border. Same thing with Priority mail, tracking but no delivery confirmation. Delivery confirmation to international destinations is pretty expensive. That is why many sellers are discontinuing international sales.

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Hi.  With USPS on international mail -

First class parcel - delivery conf only to U.S. Border.

Priority flat rate - No delivery conf on international.

Priority by size & wieght - Delivery conf to buyers post office.

Global express - Tracking but many international post officed fail to scan. 


I quit mailing international ov er a year ago.   Way too many not reicieved claims.


Good luck, Jim