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I haven't received my item yet

"Dear sir, I haven't received my item yet Estimated delivery was on or before Thu. May. 23 Shipment details: paid on May 17, 2013 Please check. Item number:281108118151 Price:$275.00 Sale date:May 17, 2013 Item tracking information 1Z7389E90395022819. what to do know . i open a case on 25/515 what is next action i have to do now. The ebay saying

eBay Customer Support has opened a case for you.The seller has until Jun 03, 2013 to respond. so what i have to do after this date 3/6/15

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in reply to daniyalnmahran

The item number you provided is not a valid item number, Either you typed in the wrong number or ebay has pulled it for some unknown policy violation.And searching you past purchases, I do not see you buying anything for that price.


The tracking number you provided is a valid UPS tracking number, however, it only shows that UPS was notified of the pending shipment. It appears your seller has not given it to UPS yet.


Yes, you were too fast on filing the item not received complaint. If this seller is in the USA or in a country not your own, it does take a while for international shipping to reach Saudi Arabia.


Patience, my friend, patience 

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in reply to daniyalnmahran
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in reply to daniyalnmahran

OMG! The estimate date was the 23rd and you could not wait for few more days and open a case for item not received. Was your seller from your own country or from some where else? You are too quick to opened a nonsense case. What a so impatient buyer.:-(