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Registered: ‎10-25-2012
How do I switch between USPS and UPS to Print Labels? when I go to do this I cant find the choice listed it only comes up with USPS

Some of my items are to large to send USPS and need to go UPS and I do not know how to switch between the two can you please advise.

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in reply to rtrent29

As for your current active listings, I think USPS will be the best choice.


If you asking for new listings, you need to click Add more options in the shipping method choice area.

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in reply to rtrent29

You needed to figure that out BEFORE you listed.


Once your listing states USPS - you need to ship USPS.

You can ASK the buyer if it is ok with them if you ship via UPS - but many buyers DO NOT LIKE delivery via UPS.


If the buyer is OK with you shipping via UPS ....

You can print labels via UPS website - then manually enter the tracking # at ebay and at PayPal.

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