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How do I ship to Australia?

I have item for sale that I say I will only ship to US. Someone from Australia. They are willing to pay the shipping, how do I do that?

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in reply to painting50

Apparently, you don't have your Buyer Requirements set to auto-block eBay members from countries you're not willing to ship to.  Read here...




However, if you're willing to ship this item to someone in AU, go to USPS.com to get a shipping cost... sorry, but I don't trust eBay's shipping *Wizard* calculator:-(


There's also info on the USPS site regarding custom docs... if you buy/print your labels via eBay or PayPal, you should get the proper doc.


The guidelines (policies) quoted in a post above are only meant for if you want to actively advertise your items internationally... this doesn't stop you from shipping internationally.



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First and foremost you are not allowed to sell internationally yet


What are the requirements for selling internationally?

When you trade internationally, you need to verify that you're following all laws in other countries, which can differ from laws in your own country.


To sell internationally, you need to:


Have an eBay account in good standing.


Have a PayPal account and be PayPal Verified.


Earn at least 10 Feedback points from selling.


Have had your first successful sale more than 90 days ago.


Meet the selling requirements of the sites where you want your listings to appear.

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in reply to painting50

Research shipping rates using ebay shipping calculator to austrailia.  Send revised invoice with shipping cost.  Print shipping label on ebay.

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First, if you don't want to sell internationally, you need to have your preferences set properly.....Not just say it in your auctions...


Ok, since you are agreeable to sell an item to someone in Australia, weigh the package, go to usps.com or whoever you want to ship with and inquire. You'll need that buyers address, at least their zip and/or town.


Then, you can invoice the buyer. Once it's paid, you can ship. I haven't shipped internationally, in years so I have no idea how their customs, etc, work. Inquire all you can before you send an invoice. I'm only guessing they can via Paypal. Some countries can't.


Well, I hope I've helped alittle. Someone else might chime in with more particulars.....I hope it goes well for you!

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