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How do I file a insurance claim through ebay shipping?

The item I sold was damaged in shipping. I bought insurance through ebay shipping labels, but was not given the option to file a claim in the order details. Now it doesn't show it at all in sold section of My ebay. Help!

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in reply to ybarra70-us

If you buy USPS insurance

If you print labels at eBay and buy the insurance eBay uses:

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in reply to ybarra70-us

You purchased insurance with the Post Office. You make your claim with them.

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in reply to ybarra70-us

Which insurance did you buy, you had a choice of two through eBay shipping, either from USPS or a private company eBay also offers.


If you bought USPS insurance then you file your claim in your local post office, if you bought the third party insurance then you file through them. Either way you do not file with eBay.

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