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How accurate does weight have to be on USPS Priority shipping label?

I weighed my box & it was 6 oz.  I usually round up to account for the label & shipping tape, but I forgot to do that & just typed in 6 when I printed the label.  After the label was printed & on my box, I realized that I had not accounted for the extra.  It now weighs 6.6 oz.  I went to the USPS website & check on prices for shipping 6 & 7 oz. Priority & the rate is the same.  Will this make a difference? 

Accepted Solution
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in reply to tulsa_tammy

No. It would have if you had shipped first class since rates go up in one oz increments up to 13 ozs. Priority Mail rates are rounded up to the nearest lb and go up in one lb increments. So you were charged the 1 lb rate and it does not matter if you had 6 oz or 15.5 ozs.

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