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I understand the shipping calculator, but how does the seller get reimbursed for taking an item to the post office or UPS and paying for it to be shipped. 

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in reply to shawnac17

Free shipping is a perk for buyers only.  The seller pays for it either out of their own pocket or by raising the item price to cover the amount of shipping. 

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eBay wants you to offer FREE shipping to attract buyers. In other words you pay for shipping out of your pocket. What you would do is build the cost to ship into the item cost. So basically, there is no free shipping. The buyer is paying for the shipping in terms of paying more for the item, there's  just not a separate fee for shipping.   

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The perk is that you may attract more buyers and it is easier to earn an Ebay discount on your final value fees because you cannot have your shipping and handling DSR stars dinged due to low rating on your buyer's opinion of your charges. Shipping is expensive and more than likely to increase in cost. At this point we do have a good option in this country for shipping through USPS.  For my items I choose to be transparent and charge my actual cost to ship, I eat most of my packaging and handling charges paid to my coworkers to run to the PO and stand in line to ship items out.  Sometimes my coworkers need something to do on downtime anyways.  But no you won't get a refund from Ebay and you have to work out what will work for your sales depending on type of item shipped and what it costs for you individually to send out items.

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No one reimburses the seller for "free shipping."


There is no such thing as "free shipping." All it means is that the seller embedded the cost of shipping in the item price. It's a gimmick.

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When the buyer pays for your item -- the shipping cost (the amount you quoted in the listing) is also included in that payment.


Shipping cost is already deposited into your PayPal account.

(Sellers often get confused because PayPal deducts their Transaction Fees directly from the buyer's payment).


If you pay the postage at the Post Office -- you may take the money out of your PayPal account when it becomes "available".


If you pay postage at the PO counter -- Don't forget to add on that little green "Delivery Confirmation" sticker (costs about 85¢)  You need that for PayPal "Seller Protection".  Input the DC # when you "Mark the Item as Shipped"