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where do I find out how many Ebay bucks I have? thank you for your help....Joanie

where do you find out how many ebay bucks you have?

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in reply to gypsyone1

To get to the Ebay Bucks page: Log in to your Ebay account, in the upper mid right is a tab "myEbay" select it and click the "purchases history" tab.


On the left side of the page is an Activity column, below that is Summary and then the "Buy" tab in bold, click the buy tab and below will be:


Bids/Offers (#)

Didn't Win (#)

eBay Bucks ($ amount earned so far)



(You can get to it if you select summary tab but it won't show until you select the buy tab. And if you've reset your main page/columns to your liking the tabs might be in a differant area.)


Click on the ebay bucks tab and it will show you how much you have earned. Bucks are calculated every quarter or 3 months. Don't forget that once your bucks are sent to you in your messages inbox, YOU ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS TO USE THEM or they will be gone!


If you have any other questions about eBay Bucks, there is a questions box on the mid right side of the page with most asked questions.

Thank you

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in reply to gypsyone1

in the Summary column on your MyEbay page, there is a link to your Bucks account.


all pertinent info is there.