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Community Member
Accepted Solution
what does "send to online auction" on selling page mean?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎04-08-2012

What does the option on your selling page "send to online auction" mean?  What will this do if I select it and click ".."  ?


Thank you !

Accepted Solutions: 3
Community Member
Posts: 6,889
Registered: ‎10-06-2008
in reply to bonjoviwatcher

It means several things...


* the listing you have as current will end - and all fees already due for it will remain due - you'll just cut your listing time short.


* the listing will now become an auction for 7 days - with all new fees due for the change


The only time in my opinion, it is wise to opt in for this is when a listing has accumulated enough 'watchers' who may hopefully, suddenly, start a bidding war over the item - for me this number is 10 - you may pick whatever number you want.

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Community Member
Posts: 24,555
Registered: ‎01-20-2005
in reply to bonjoviwatcher

It will change your Buy It Now listing to an auction listing. It's just an option.

Community Member
Posts: 1,910
Registered: ‎02-26-2008
in reply to bonjoviwatcher

It will remove one item from your inventory (Quantity Available) in a Fixed Price Format listing.


It will list that item in Auction Format,7-day duration. (if listing fees are applicable, you will be charged)

Other Answers: 3
Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-23-2013
in reply to bonjoviwatcher

so what does the bid start at on an online auction?

This is new to me...I thought we set the lowest asking price. People would then place bids on said item. If one were to select this option will it mean that a recently listed 700 dollar item can be bought at a dollar? PLZ REVISE

Community Member
Posts: 7,087
Registered: ‎02-01-2011
in reply to bonjoviwatcher

What will it do.? - It starts a 99 cent auction that needs to be Revised 

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Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎04-21-2010
in reply to bonjoviwatcher

Based on previous eBay member comments; buyers reap, sellers get screwed.  You have your fixed price item but this option turns it into a 7 day auction starting at $0.99.  eBay can you clarify this?