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Community Member
how do i delete my purchase history
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-16-2012

I am trying to figure out how to delete my purchase history, I bought a gift and i don't want it to be found out about

Other Answers: 3
Community Member
Posts: 4,115
Registered: ‎02-20-2007
in reply to cindybear1984

You can make it harder to find the item by putting into Archive, but you can't actually delete it.

"Aw...Darn it, Woodstock...look what you left on my keyboard again!"
Community Member
Posts: 24,699
Registered: ‎01-20-2005
in reply to cindybear1984

If you don't want anyone to know what you are buying, don't give them your user ID. Anyone can see what you won/purchased in the last 30 days.


The best thing to do is open a 2nd account for gift buying. Keep the ID and password a secret and you can shop without worry (as long as you clear your browsing history if you share a computer with the giftee).



Community Member
Posts: 1,963
Registered: ‎12-12-2007
in reply to cindybear1984

Unless your name is Cynthia Bear, why would anybody know what you are buying anyway?

The easiest way is to change your eBay ID and don't tell anybody what the new one is.

Hmm- Some computers have under Tools "Private Browsing". This option deletes the browsing history and gives a measure of privacy to your secrets.