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Will Ebay automatically send me a 1099 tax statement?

I have not recieved a 1099 tax statement from Ebay, Do I need to request one? Or will it automatically be sent out to all sellers?

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eBay does not send 1099s


See your local IRS office for information.


While thinking about that, read this:



and this:



and this:



and this:



and PayPal's info, here:




•  If your activity is a HOBBY, report your income on line 21, Form 1040. You can´t deduct expenses in excess of your income, and you can only deduct qualifying expenses if you itemize deductions


•  If you consider your sales on eBay as a BUSINESS, you must fill out the IRS 1040, Schedule C, at a minimum.  You may deduct expenses.


•  If you are selling junk from around the house, those casual sales are usually not taxable.


•  If you are buying things for resale on eBay, you are a business, and your income from the business is taxable.


The IRS says:

"Generally, an activity qualifies as a business if it is carried on with the reasonable expectation of earning a profit."





If you want to see your history of sales, as shown on PayPal, try



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eBay does not but PayPal will when you reach to xxxx$$.Paypal collect the payment from buyer it's like Paypal is another institution like any others. Just runs the business differently.