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Why my account is restricted

eBay sends me an email saying that my account was restricted, because it is associated with another account. In this other account have many unpaid items.


I do not have an second account and I paid my items with very efficiency, to avoid troubleshooting with the sellers.


What I do do solve this problem?


This is the email send from eBay to me:


Dear j3an_c4rl0s (jeanc.cs@gmail.com),

Based on your account information and activity, it looks like user ID raul_utopia is associated with your account. This usually indicates that both accounts belong to the same person. 

Because the other account is restricted for excessive unpaid items, you won't be able to bid on items or use Buy It Now. You'll still be able to sell and pay for items you've won or already bought through Buy It Now. 


Thanks for helping me!

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in reply to j3an_c4rl0s

Both you and the other member are in Brazil.

If you used the same computer at any time, your accounts became linked.


Are you SURE the other member is not a family member or friend?



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in reply to j3an_c4rl0s

Anybody else in your household using your computer or using their computer on your IPS?

If you have ever logged on ebay using someones else computer at their house or at work? Ever allow anybody to log on to ebay using your computer?

If you are wireless any numbers of ways to be comprised.

Good luck proving any of this.

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in reply to j3an_c4rl0s

You have to PROVE to ebay that you are not that person or associated with that person.


You are asking your question on the ebya USA site.


BUT - you are in Brazil.  You can't call ebay.com (the USA ebay site) because you are not in the USA.


So you are going to have to contact ebay via a site that is nearest to you - like ebay Brazil



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