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What is invoice from eBay for?

I got a notice stating that ebay had invoiced me but the invoice says nothing about what I'm being billed for. I assume it's for a sale I made, but it's more than I expected to be paying. I see this invoice if I go to MyEbay->Summary->Account->Seller Account

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in reply to robert_farmelo

You should see the details of the invoice in exactly the place you mentioned!


Yes, eBay is not free ... even if you qualified for the 50 free auction listings, you must pay Final Value Fees on sales.


Read ALL of this: 



Then, put a copy of this under your pillow, so your brain can absorb it while you are asleep: 



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in reply to robert_farmelo

To see the breakdown of your invoice, once you open the seller account, click on fees. That will show you every penny that was charged and what it was for.