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Accepted Solution
Request payment for an item sold

How do I request payment for an item sold

Accepted Solution
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in reply to toltzis_b

eBay automatically sends a "congratulations, you have won" message to the winner, with instructions how to pay.


Sellers may start the Unpaid Item process 4 days (96 hours) after auction close.  They can close the Unpaid Item Case as early as 4 full days later, issuing a nonpayment strike to the buyer.


Sellers should not relist or make any Second Chance Offers, until the Case has closed.


Visit the eBay Resolution Center to learn how to solve your problem, if one arises.


 Please return to your question soon, and click "Accept as Solution" for any helpful answers, from any responder. If you were asked for clarification, please add your comments very quickly -- otherwise the responders may be unable to give further help
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in reply to toltzis_b

You already "requested payment" by sending an invoice. As you already said you did:


Why did you ask this again, anyway?