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Community Member
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Registered: ‎10-18-2007
In my ebay,on my watch list, the remaining time on my watched auctions has dissapered. How do I getit back so I can see howmuch time is left

I can't find where to get the time back on my watch list. It dissappered all by itself! and I need to know how much time is left in my watched auctions.. even when I go to an auction, I don't see the remaining time anywhere...what has happened to ebay?

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Community Member
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Registered: ‎09-18-2009
in reply to captainlaz

I've had the same problem the last couple of days though only with the Buy It Now items. I discovered by accident that the time remaining still shows up on the Wish List and all my other lists, just not the Watch List.


So for the time being, I have moved all my Watch List items over to my Wish List and use that instead. Guess that's all we can do unless and until ebay fixes this.