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How do I get the ads off my ebay pages that keep popping up

Anyone know what is up with these stupid ads that are at the top of my ebay page. I don't pay ebay to fill my page with a bunch of useless ads. I spent over an hour opting out of everyone of them but they still keep staying there in doubles. These stupid arrest records, car purchases, all kind of stuff. They are annoying. There is no way of closing them. How can I get rid of them? I already tried contacting ebay. Of course they never respond to anything. 

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in reply to bkh363

Hi bkh363


You're not opting out when you click on the AdChoice and Ad Feedback links - you're just giving it more information to spam you with something else.


I use Firefox with the AdBlock add-on with the EasyList filterset.  That blocks a bazillion ads everywhere else on the internet.  

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in reply to bkh363

 Delete  your browsing history , refresh page , log out and log back in , otherwise try changing your browser , If your using Internet Exployer go to another browser and see if that will stop the ad's ex....


I hope this helps :8}

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in reply to bkh363

I already tried contacting ebay.


eBay cannot help you if they do not originate the ads.

Have you considered the probability that your computer is infected?



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