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Community Member
Am I allowed to open 2 ebay accounts? One to sell, and one to buy.
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎11-26-2008

I have an ebay account, now. I buy one this account, and have never sold on it. 

Other Answers: 4
Community Member
Posts: 22,590
Registered: ‎02-18-2003
in reply to auriel186

Of course you can, thousands of sellers do exactly that so buyers cannot see what they paid for the items they bought on eBay to resell.


While you can both buy and sell on each account, most use one for buying and the other for selling.


All you need is a new name and a new email address (if you need a new email address, just set something up in gmail, hotmail, etc.), you can attach both accounts to the same paypal account.


Keep in mind the new account will be subject to the same selling restrictions as any other new account, so use the new account for buying and your present account for selling.


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Community Member
Posts: 3,517
Registered: ‎06-29-2007
in reply to auriel186

From eBay:


You can have two different eBay accounts as long as they: Don't participate in the same listing, andHave different user IDs and email addresses.

If you're unable to create a new account because the email address you entered has already been used, consider getting a new email address for the new eBay account. If you don't want a new email address, you can change the email address used on your existing eBay account.

If you have two accounts and one...


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Community Member
Posts: 9,292
Registered: ‎11-24-2002
in reply to auriel186

Half of the information  in post #3 is wrong.


You can have as many eBay accounts as you like; they can have all the same personal information (name, address, bank, PayPal, etc.) except each must have its own e-mail address.


Each new eBay ID is automatically set up as a buying ID; any ID can be upgraded to a seller ID at any time and then used for buying and/or selling.


Many members prefer to buy with one ID and sell with the other; in that case, it's better to use the established ID for selling and the new one for buying.

Community Member
Posts: 2,549
Registered: ‎11-21-2006
in reply to auriel186

I believe you can, (yes) but you"d need a different email address and of course username for each account and you"d have to, of course register again with ebay and paypal. With each account though you can buy and sell, that would not be seperate, and I don"t think you could buy with 1 account and sell with the other, no I don"t think so. Check back here often for other ebay members advise.