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what does 171 on a stearling belt buckle mean?

I have belt buck marked stearling 171 with 3 marks I do know know what they are. Can anyone at least tell me what the 171 means.

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in reply to kimberly123linda


you can search this site , is very helpful

925-1000.com - Silver Mark Encyclopedia



Search by country and number , many times in old  european silver pieces the number represent the city or town where the piece came from

Also check in Taxco mexican silver , some of the old artisans identified themselves by number, that was  before the .925 silver marking was instituted globally for identification of silver 

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Sterling silver  is marked 925 or with hallmarks that vary with the country of origin..


If you take pictures of all the marks, perhaps someone will be able to help you on the Jewelry Discussion board ( link to the left)



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If it is not marked 925 it is probably silver plated and should not be marked sterling. In fact, if it is stamped 925 there would be no need for it to also be stamped sterling.



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Could be a pattern number. The most common sterling silver marks are sterling or .925 or hallmarks like a lion passant. This is probably one of the best online sites to identify silver hallmarks  www(dot)925-1000(dot)com