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how can you send a 2nd chance offer to the same person after the 24 hrs expires? They are still interested.

I have a buyer that bid up my auction then said she found another item and doesn't intend to pay the $39.01 she bid.  I offered for her to pay the listing fees and I wouldn't report her and she declined. So, I sent a second chance offer to the next in line and he was trying to bargain for a lower price. We finally agreed on the price he bid but he didn't accept within the 24 hours. Now Ebay isn't giving me the option to resend the 2nd chance offer to him, nor will they let me relist my item. They're telling me I have to start all over which cost me more fees. I need to be able to either resend the 2nd chance offer or relist without having to start all over and incur more fees. Can anyone direct me how to do one or the other or both?

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in reply to shabby-j

You need to read the Help page about what to do when a buyer doesn't pay:



If you decide to relist the item, you can do that from the original listing, but not from the SCO listing.

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in reply to shabby-j

You are confused. For one thing, sending an SCO doesn't do anything to resolve the transaction with the original buyer. You would need to go through the UPI process for that. And you should be doing that before making SCOs.

Another is that you can't offer another SCO to that bidder, and not for less than the amount eBay allows (which is the amount of his bid). So you have to relist. And eBay certainly is allowing you to do that--it just has to be from the original listing, not the SCO.