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Why did ebay send a second chance offer to a buyer two days after item was won.

`ebay sent a second chance notice to a non winning bidder two days after the closing bid  and won by another.

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in reply to richlandbuilder

It is confusing to see a notice that your sold item is eligible for a second chance offer, if you don't know what that means.

Every auction that ends with a winner is eligible for a SCO.

But the seller doesn't have to offer a SCO.


sometimes a sale falls through, or sometimes the seller has more than one of the items, and so might want to offer a SCO to an underbidder.


See the link to second chance offers on this page


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in reply to richlandbuilder

Ebay does not send this offer to a bidder.  The seller choose to send or ignore it.  The seller receives a reminder from Ebay that the SCO is available if they want it.

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in reply to richlandbuilder

ebay does not send second chance offers.


Did you send one?    How do you know one was sent?


If not, it may be a counterfeit/scam offer.