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Registered: ‎09-23-2008
What is the selling limit for 2013 regarding 1099 forms

I am hearing that sales totaling $600 or more on eBay for 2013 will be considered reportable income to the IRS and any sellers reaching that total will be sent a 1099. 


Please clarify.  That is a significant change from the $20K and 200 items sold from past years.

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in reply to vintage2000

That's doubtful. There are many, many different 1099 forms, each one designates a different type of income source other than a regular job (such as INT, DIV, S, you've probably seen some of those from your bank or stock accounts). Sounds like someone is mixing up the forms.

the 1099-K is what eBay'ers will get from PayPal for gross receipts totaling $20K & 200 transactions. Hard to believe the IRS would drop that limit down so drastically at once.


There is a 1099-MISC that has a min threshold of $600 for payments made to a freelancer, for example. It has nothing to do with ebay sales.


You can go on the IRS website, or google some of the financial and/or tax sites (Turbo, etc) to learn more.


I did read recently, however, that the IRS intends to increase their audits on small business 1099-K form matching in 2013.