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Registered: ‎07-26-2012
What happens if you win an item, but it says reserve price not met? What does that mean?

I am bidding on a certain item. It says I am the highest bidder, but reserve price not met. What happens if I win the bidding, but it still says reserve price not met?

Will I owe the seller a higher amount?

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in reply to signingsnoopy742012

you won't win unless the reserve is met.  A reserve is the minimum a seller will accept for an item.  If you are really interested in the item, contact the seller and ask them what the reserve is.  Many will tell you.  Then bid the reserve amount, you will automatically be raised to that amount as the new highest bidder.  If he says a price too high, then just stop bidding.  If incremental bidding never hits the reserve, there will be no sale, 

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in reply to signingsnoopy742012

No.  The reserve MUST be met in order for you to win.


If the reserve is 150.00, the bidding MUST reach 150.00 in order for anyone to win the item.


The ONLY way to bid is to set your MAX amount.  That is the amount you are willing to pay for the item, right from the start.

Bid ONCE....set your MAX.........


ASK the seller what their reserve is.  Some will tell, some will not.

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in reply to signingsnoopy742012

If the Reserve isn't met, you don't win. Nobody wins the item.


To win, you have to meet the Reserve.