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Seller relisted items won

I was the winning bidder on Item no: 321100453810 at time of win I contacted seller and notified her that I was also bidding on an item that ended in 4 days, If I could wait to pay till after auction ended. She replied sure! To my surprise I get a confusing E-mail the day before auction end that she understood my email as an ok to cancel the sale of the items, and that she had relisted the items and I would have to bid again. I responded that that was not what was said and that she agreed to wait . I never heard back from her. How do I get this off my account as it shows I have to make payment? I have a perfect record and do not want it tarnished because someone was not happy with the amount the items were won on. I have the -emails through Ebay that shows all the communication. Should I leave negative E-mail as the listing is still pending as unpaid. 

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in reply to horselover_linda

That looks like an "open stock" item (seller may have a quantity of them).

eBay does not allow "Duplicate Listings" for multiple items.

Sellers wait until the item sells, then lists the next one.


You could contact the seller to double check their policy on "Combined Shipping" of multiple purchases.

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in reply to horselover_linda

I would pay for the item you won (so you don't get an unpaid item strike) & then send her a message saying you are looking forward to getting your item, that you did not cancel with her & you have paid & now want the item.  If you don't pay, you can't leave FB.  You can but it would be removed.  If she refunds your money, then you leave neg. FB.  She sounds like a dingbat.  And leaving her neg. FB will hopefully encourage her to learn the rules.


If she sends you a cancellation requrest, DENY it.  Don't ignore it, you have to deny it or it will default to her.

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in reply to horselover_linda

If she did not send a Cancel Transaction to you, she really has not cancelled the transaction.  Neither a seller or buyer can just say I cancelled a transaction and it is cancelled. A transaction is cancelled with a CT or an Unpaid Item Dispute.


Follow the other instructions. Pay for the item and see what she does.