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How do I place seller account (ebay store) on temporary hold without closing the account forever?

Thank you for reading this ladies/gents!

I would like some guidance on how to place my seller account on hold for 30 days. I do not wish to fully close my account at this time, but when I searched the ebay resolution center/manage my store options, I was unable to find a solution to my question. 

I am registered on Ebay, as a store.


Thanks! :smileyhappy:

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in reply to wewholesale2013

You can put your store on vacation & hide the listings.  It's better to not leave them running while you're gone, bc even tho you show you are on vacation, if anyone buys from you, Ebay still expects you to ship within your handling time.  If you put the store on vacation, you will still have to pay the monthly store fees.



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