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Buyer wants to pay with a money order.

buyer wants to pay with a money order

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in reply to gemsbyjean

Hi.  It is totally your choice on this but what I do whenIget this request is to reply that I will ONLY accept USPS postal money orders written in U.S.$.


For the seller this is very safe as all you have to do is take it to the post office & they will cash it theree & you can mail the package while there (after you get the cash).  You do not have to deposit this in your bank to se if it will clear later.  


When a buyer pays like this with a non ebay approved method it is the buyer who is voiding their seller protection, not the seller.   When they pay with a money order they cannot prove to ebay or pay pal vfia online view that they have paid so they cannot open any dispute on the transaction later.


Because of all this it is a very safe way for the seller.   Just cash it before shipping.


Good luck, Jim 

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in reply to gemsbyjean

You may accept a USPS Money Order- the Buyer wlll need your address to send money order by mail. After receipt you encash at the Post Office just before mailing the item. 


Then you enter tracking on the transaction and update status as paid and shipped.


All the best!

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in reply to gemsbyjean

Great for you- You don't have to deal with PayPal with fees.