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Community Member
Posts: 309
Registered: ‎11-26-2009

LGL with Copyright Symbol - 10K Question

I know of a ring at a local merchant marked 10K LGL with the Copyright symbol beside the markings.

Of course LGL stands for Liquid Gold Lacquer. I am wondering, though, if a Copyright symbol normally follows such a marking.


LGL is aso a registered trademark for Leer Gem Ltd.

Would you think the ring to be solid 10k due to the Copyright symbol or would you think it to be Liquid Gold Lacquer?

Also, I know some will say it is easiest to just test the gold. The problem is that this is not allowed at the local merchant I would be purchasing it from.

Community Member
Posts: 238
Registered: ‎09-14-2005

Re: LGL with Copyright Symbol - 10K Question

in reply to aironthemountain-ksc

I think lgl meaning liquid gold lacquer is a dubious definition at best.  I've seen that phrase on a couple answer sites, but know of no company that can verify the definition.  It is a made up term as far as I know.  That doesn't mean the ring is gold or not gold, just saying the definition of lgl meaning liquid gold lacquer is not verifiable other than showing up on a couple answer sites by who knows who wrote it....


What does the merchant say the item is, 10K or plated in some way?  If you purchase, have them verify what they think it is in writing, then have the metal tested.  Request the opportunity to return it if not what you are hoping for.



Community Member
Posts: 309
Registered: ‎11-26-2009

Re: LGL with Copyright Symbol - 10K Question

in reply to aironthemountain-ksc

The merchant is not sure themselves whether it is plated or pure. Hopefully, I will be able to take a closer look tomorrow for myself and make a better determination.


From the way I heard it described, I think it is going to be real 10K gold. Plus, the ring is in the original Kay's Jewelers box which also has me leaning a bit more towards a pure 10k ring.

Thanks for the reply. Also, the best definition I have found for LGL is the lacquer one. If followed by the circled R, for registered, it is likely the jeweler I mentioned earlier. I just do not see a process having a registered mark. :-)