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Community Member
Accepted Solution
How do I invoice for global shipping?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎02-08-2013

I just signed up for the eBay global shipping program, and added it to my existing auctions. Shortly afterward, a user from Australia purchased one of my items.


The purchase confirmation screen stated that I should not invoice the user, as eBay would automatically charge them the proper shipping costs.


However, a couple of days later the buyer has marked the auction as requesting an invoice.


I've sent the buyer a message asking them if they could check out without the invoice, but they're non-responsive. Generating an invoice doesn't seem to include the proper postage.


What needs to happen in this case?

Accepted Solution
Community Member
Posts: 5,941
Registered: ‎01-15-2011
in reply to acecalhoon

All they need to do is  pay, they need no invoice for just one item.


Everything they want to know is in the won email, including a pay button.


If they want to print a proof of value they can do that from their end, the details page.


You could not invoice them as said above but also because you don't know the information. eBay will send them a reminder in a couple of days with the totals again. The item price, the same priority package rate as if you did not use the GSP, plus tax and or customs fee (if any is due to Australian authorities), and a small brokerage fee for handling the transaction and taking nearly all risk from you. eBay and Pitney Bowles have taken the risk of non-delivery and damaged goods package for that brokerage fee, pretty cheap 'insurance' I would say.


Sit back, relax.

************ ************** ******************
The opinion given here is my understanding of the policies I have read, and personal experiences on eBay. You paid nothing, feel free to value it based on that price if you wish.
Other Answers: 2
Community Member
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎03-13-2013
in reply to acecalhoon

That is not correct. You cannot "sit back and relax" since after such purchase the buyer will not recieve any invoice from ebay/Pitney Bowes about shipping&handling&import fees (customs,VAT).


As a matter of fact Pitney Bowes keeps telling to user who are asking about the invoice: "He should contact the seller,

Pitney Bowes is just providing the software to Ebay, nothing more."


Since sellers can only invoice the total amount of goods and the inland shipping, 3rd party should provide invoice for those intl shipping and import  charges.


It's really annoying and insecure because if a goverment taxation agency is checking the books at the buyer's company (if buyer is a legal entity) buyer needs to provide them with the documentation of importing. Not to mention that no VAT refund can be issued if buyer party haven't got any invoice for the VAT charged.


It will also cause a problem at accounting since the eBay "invoice" isn't really one, it's just an overview. It isn't recognized as an invoice by bookeepers because i doesn't break amount down to shippingcharges, vat, customs etc.


Still looking for a solution need assistance asap!  (i'm a buyer this time)

Community Member
Posts: 356
Registered: ‎11-16-2010
in reply to acecalhoon

You really can't invoice the buyer because your invoice will not include Pitney Bowes (think thats the shipping company name) charges.  Global shipping uses 3rd party in shipping internationally.