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Community Member
Posts: 49
Registered: ‎11-26-2002

Crochet pattern for doll shoes or slippers

Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for crochet doll shoes or slippers, prefer a 18 inch doll. Not sure if this is the right place to ask either. Thanks
Community Member
Posts: 2,137
Registered: ‎06-17-2011

Crochet pattern for doll shoes or slippers

in reply to imageine
Try Googling Crocheted Doll Slippers. Photobucket
Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎11-03-2008

Crochet pattern for doll shoes or slippers

in reply to imageine
I don't know if this pattern will work or not. But you can try since it won't take long to make the shoes. You can make then bigger by the size of the needle and yarn.

Otherwise, there are lots of free patterns that you can find on crochette websites on the internet. I can find a just about anything I need.

Fashion Doll Shoe's
Small amount of 2
different colored yarns
perferably to match
your outfit's.
Size hooks 0,D,E,F
Depends on size of doll.
RND1:Ch7,hdc in 2nd ch from hook,hdc in remaining chs,5hdc in last ch,(other side of chain)hdc in each remaining loops of base ch,2hdc in last loop,join with sl st in 1st hdc.
RND2:Ch2,sc in joining,sc in next 3 sts,1hdc in next 2 sts,2hdc in next 4 sts,hdc in next st,sc in next 5 sts,join with sl st in top of ch-2.
RND3Smiley Sadworking in back loops only)Ch1,sc in each st around,join with sl st in in top of ch-1.
RND4Smiley SadWorking in back loops again)Ch2,hdc in next 10 sts,skip next 2 sts,hdc in next 10 sts,join with slst in 1st hdc.Fasten Off.
Attach 2nd color to last row finished(back loops only) with sc,(ch4,sc)around now continue the (ch4,sc) in front loops(shoe lace holders made).Fasten Off.To finish the look take a length of ribbon or yarn long enough when finished will tie in a bow lace up your shoes like you would your own tennis shoes and you can do it from ankle to toe or toe to ankle depending on were you want the bow to be.