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Community Member
Posts: 56
Registered: ‎08-31-2010

OT - Need advise on what to do with unopened boxes of...

Soft contact lenses.

This item is prohibited from selling on ebay and I just don't want to throw them in the garbage.

My son just got lasik eye sugery and it was very successful. Now no need for the 4-unopened boxes of "Focus Dailies" One day contact lenses. There are 90 lenses in each box.

Any idea's on who we can donate these to?

They are prescription strength -6.00 and -6.50. They were purchased through another local eye doctor. (I do not want to just give these over to this doctor. This doctor nickel and dimed us for unnecessary work and I am just glad we will never have to see this eye doctor again).
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Community Member
Posts: 11
Registered: ‎01-08-2010

Re: OT - Need advise on what to do with unopened boxes of...

in reply to gnome*trader
Yeah I have bad eyesight and use contacts andthe doctor is always trying to taje my hard earned money =(

You can't sell them on ebay and it would be hard to find someone who has the same prescription as your son, but you can try advertising on craigslist if you want =)
Community Member
Posts: 544
Registered: ‎05-24-2005

Re: OT - Need advise on what to do with unopened boxes of...

in reply to gnome*trader
I believe the Lion's Club has an eyeglass drive where people donate their old eyeglasses for the needy. I don't know if they would take contact lenses though. Look them up and ask them.

I have also heard of volunteer groups of doctors and dentists that go down into third world countries and provide medical and dental care. i.e Doctors Without Boarders, Operation Smile.....Perhaps there are similar groups of eye doctors who do that. Talk to the eye doctor and see if there are.

You could also try advertising on free local classified ads.

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