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Edgar Cayce's Crudoleum:products for hair growth


Edgar Cayce's Crudoleum:products for hair growth

This is a product I was interested in trying.So I bought the shampoo and conditioner.It smells horrid,but I really think it's helping to grow out my hair faster.And it makes it thicker and very shiny.I would like to try the treatment and the rinse,because that's supposed to be the really good stuff,as far as hair growth is concerned-and I would like to hear any testimonials (if there are any!)on the product before I purchase.Thanks.

Re: Edgar Cayce's Crudoleum:products for hair growth

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I had thinning hair in the front since Iwas a teen. Now in my late 30s early 40s everyone thought I was going to be bald by the time I was 50. I looked up thinning hair on the Edgar Cayce readings and it suggested Atomidine and Crudoleum together if symptoms of thyroid problems existed along with hair loss. Using both these within 6 months my hair has done an excellent job of growing back and staying that way. My family can't believe how well it worked.