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revise buyer feedback

I made a HUGE mistake and left FB for this buyer first. He left me negative FB based on the DVD he purchased as he did not like it, and no FB left for my my services. I asked for a revision. Nothing. Contacted E bay. NOTHING. Please help!

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in reply to jamieeileen34

Yes, a mistake to ask for a revision unless you already know he will agree to it. If he doesn't agree you just wasted one.You are limited to how many you can ask for. 


that is really unfair to blame you because he didn't enjoy the movie or the music score. 


be sure you put him on your blocked bidder list. I'm sure anyone that sees feedback he leaves will block him. 



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in reply to jamieeileen34

This seems like a "review" instead of a true feedback.


However, this buyer did not violate any eBay feedback policy

or rules.


You can message the buyer and discuss this. If they are then willing

to revise the feedback, send the request to them.


Please do not just send a feedback revision request without talking with

them first about your concerns. Plus, this is the best time to use the

Best Customer Service skills you can find.

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in reply to jamieeileen34

Contacting ebay is a waste of time. If you really want the feedback to be revised, I would recommend sending the buyer their money back, and apologizing for their not enjoying the movie. If they don't accept the the feedback revision, there is really nothing you can do, as it doesn't qualify for removal and violates no feedback rules.


If they don't accept the request, leave this as a reply under their feedback "we don't make the movie, if you didn't like it, complain to Disney! refunded 100%"

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in reply to jamieeileen34

One reason why I never leave feedback first anymore...

Well there isn't anything you can do about it however you should have left a reply to the feedback he left you on your page.

By leaving a follow up on his if reported ebay will remove it and you will receive a policy violation.


Sorry and good luck.