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Registered: ‎06-25-2013
Accepted Solution
how to reverse feedback


I inadvertently left negative feedback to the wrong seller.  Can I reverse this from their feedback comments?

Accepted Solution
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in reply to tsmal2008

You can ask the seller for a feedback revision request - but they are only allowed a few each year. 


Or you can contact ebay in Australia and ask them to remove the feedback.  Read here from ebay Australia's customer support:


Feedback Removal Policy



eBay may remove Feedback ratings and/or comments that meet the guidelines outlined below. 


Negative feedback intended for another user will be considered for removal only in situations where the user responsible for the mistaken posting informs eBay of the error and has already placed the same feedback for the correct user.

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in reply to tsmal2008

Ask the seller to send you a feedback revision request.