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Community Member
can ebay remove negative comment, if buyer leave positive follow up comment?if yes then Plz Advise How?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎07-20-2012

My one buyer have issue with purchased item and leave negative comment also.

then we communicate with buyer and resolve its issue and buyer also leave follow up against negative comment.


so, now i want to request to ebay that plz remove this negative comment.


It is possible? if yes, then plz advise me how i can do it.


Other Answers: 3
Community Member
Posts: 4,413
Registered: ‎09-30-2006
in reply to royalbeddingking2012

You, the seller would need to send the buyer a Feedback revision request.....BUT you need to make sure that they agree to the revision first and that they know it is coming.


If they just receive it and they deny it, you DO NOT get a second shot at it.  You only get a few of these a year so you don't want to waste one.


Message the buyer, ask them if they would be willing to revise the feedback.  If they say yes, then send them the request.


Click on SITE MAP at the bottom of any page........Look for the A-Z index, under "R" you will find how to send the revision.

Community Member
Posts: 4,413
Registered: ‎09-30-2006
in reply to royalbeddingking2012

Sorry:  Under "F' for feedback in the A-Z index is where you will find the FB revision request.

Community Member
Posts: 65
Registered: ‎07-05-2009
in reply to royalbeddingking2012

Rarely, in cases of "Feedback Extortion" and other policy violations, eBay will unilaterally remove a Negative Feedback for you.


However, only the Buyer himself can reverse a legal Negative Feedback. If you feel that you have a Buyer who is willing to recind a Negative, write to your Buyer. Explain that eBay has a mechanism for a seller to request a Feedback Revision. Do not force the issue lest YOU violate eBay policy. Review those guidelins in the help files first.


If the Buyer is receptive, here's what to do. Scroll to the bottom of any eBay screen and find and click the link "Site Map". At the top right of the new screen you will see a cluster of links under the heading "Feedback". Click the bottommost item "Request Feedback Revision". The rest of the process is self-evident. This will open a case in the Buyer's eBay account.


The Buyer has the option of ignoring the request or responding, with comment, to your request. You are limited to how many such requests you can make and this is, I believe, related to your sales volume. Also, there is a finite number of days for the request to be fulfilled. Check the help files for this information.