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Community Member
Is it possible to leave feedback all at once for multiple items purchased from one seller at the same time?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎10-17-2009

I have been regularly making purchases lately for up to 20 items at the same time from the same seller.  It is so tedious and time consuming to do feedback for each item 1 at a time for the same sale (one invoice).  Is there a way to leave feedback for the whole sale at once?

Other Answers: 3
Community Member
Posts: 8,591
Registered: ‎06-06-2011
in reply to twowheeels

1. leaving fb is optional

2. only 1 fb out of all that you leave for the same seller in the same week will be added to their fb score.

3. the same is true for you as a buyer...only 1 feedback that you receive from the same seller in the same week goes on your fb score.


Community Member
Posts: 4,039
Registered: ‎03-20-2011
in reply to twowheeels

Under your Account tab, select Feedback from the left and go to the Feedback Forum

Everyone should know these 4 things:
1) Buyer Protection - 30 days to file a claim from delivery date
2) Auctions are binding contracts
3) Click on Customer Support to find all answers
4) Problems are resolved in the Resolution Center
Community Member
Posts: 13,380
Registered: ‎09-25-2011
in reply to twowheeels

just leave one feedback.


Or, as suggested, use the feedback fourm,  fill in one feedback box, copy the words into your clipboard <ctrl>C

and past into the subsequent feedback boxes (<ctrl>V