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Community Member
How do I get my money back when I don receive the item I paid for?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎10-07-2012

This is my first time buying on e bay. Bad experience!!! I paid $306.00 for an item . I did not receive it. I contacted the seller one time, no reply. Second time, he responded saying the he had not confirmation from e bay or pay pal on my payment. I sent confirmation. I have sent 2 or 3 more messages to the seller, no reply. I tried to "open a case", it is so confusing and takes me over and over to the same place. Still don't know what to do or how to solve my problem. I guess this is the wall of the complaints where you just take it out of your system. Can anybody help?

Other Answers: 7
Community Member
Posts: 7,620
Registered: ‎12-06-2005
in reply to edna.castiblanco

It's only been two weeks, too soon to worry.

To file a dispute you go the the Resolution Center and check did not receive item. Select the item and continue. You need to wait until the estimated delivery date has passed, but one should usually wait about three weeks for domestic sales.




Your seller doesn't have much experience, but his feedback is fine for the one sale listed so far.



“Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.” Zig Ziglar
Community Member
Posts: 4,041
Registered: ‎02-20-2007
in reply to edna.castiblanco

Open an Item Not Received case:



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Community Member
Posts: 736
Registered: ‎02-24-2007
in reply to edna.castiblanco

Auction ended 9/24; today is 10/7. It is much too soon to worry; it has been less than two weeks.


If you don't have your item by three weeks, file an Item Not Received dispute. Make sure you do this within 45 days of payment. Ebay is completely safe for buyers who know the rules of buyer protection and follow them.

Community Member
Posts: 2,875
Registered: ‎07-06-2009
in reply to edna.castiblanco

If you are having problems receiving your item and want to open a case for item not received you would need to open it in the Resolution Center. I don't know why it keeps going round.


Go up into the Customer Support link and ask you question.

It will open up a screen for you to select to open a case in there.

If you still have the problem use the contact eBay page and call eBay to help you open the case.

It seems to me that the Seller is having their funds held until they send the item and they aren't shipping it because they don't have enough money to ship it. They have minimum feedback so they don't probably know that eBay will release the shipping amount prematurely to cover this for them.


Do this soon so you don't loose your Buyer Protection. You have 45 days from the purchase date.

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Community Member
Posts: 2,875
Registered: ‎07-06-2009
in reply to edna.castiblanco

It has been close to 3 weeks if not more and it was to be shipped with expedited shipping.

Considering you have had contact and they basically gave you their take on this transaction move forward quickly. No reason to wait.

" The real secret of happiness is not what you have or what you receive; it's what you share. " - anonymous
Community Member
Posts: 9,908
Registered: ‎05-23-2007
in reply to edna.castiblanco

Dear Edna,


Ebay is a very safe place to buy or sell.  Problems arise when buyers and/or sellers do not know and follow the correct policies.

Both you and your seller are brand new to Ebay so the problem could be on your side, on his side, or on both sides.


How did you pay?  Did you open a paypal account and pay that way?   then go to the transaction and see what it says.   If it says "unclaimed" then the problem is on the seller's side and he must take action to claim the payment.


If you paid by any other means than by paypal, you do not have buyer protection and Ebay and Paypal cannot help you.


How did you send the seller confirmation? 



Community Member
Posts: 46,078
Registered: ‎05-11-2005
in reply to edna.castiblanco

The help you need is to go to Resolution enter and open a case for Not Received. Try harder to do that.