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Can ebay remove a negative feedback?

I sold an item and the buyer paid the same day. I shipped the item the next day and sent the buyer an email that the item had been shipped. 12 days later I find that he or she has left me a negative feedback, saying, I did not buy this itedm and am trying to return it.

They did not contact me about this before leaving the negative feedback. I called ebay and told them about it. Too bad, ebay said they could not remove any feedback. I have sent the buyer a request to change it but haven't heard back as of yet. Am I going to be stuck with it? What else can I do? This is not fair.

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in reply to lblmhgo

So the first thing you do is call eBay. The second thing you do is ask the buyer to take back the feedback.


Where in this process did you contact the buyer and invite him to return the item for a refund?

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in reply to lblmhgo

Your first step should have been your buyer. Ask the buyer why they wanted to return it & what you can do to fix the problem.

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in reply to lblmhgo

No, it's not fair. :smileysad: The buyer or someone with access to the buyer's account purchased this item. I think you should pull the contact information and call this buyer. Leaving a feedback comment saying they didn't purchase the item is silly when it's clear they or someone else did. The negative is not justified, but unfortunately eBay won't remove it. Calling the buyer to work this out might work. If you really want to get that negative revised then you will have to offer a return with a refund. It's worth a try. And do put that bad buyer on your blocked bidder list. You don't want them coming back.


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