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Accepted Solution
Buyer left positive feedback, but comments were about wrong item

I had a buyer click the positive feedback button after buying vintage earrings, but then her feedback comments mentioned a 'spot on the dress and seller refunded money quickly'. Her comments are about the wrong item, but still positive. Is it worth trying to get this changed?

ALSO, I had a buyer leave a very positive comment 'Shipped quickly' and then click the Neutral feedback button? Not sure if I should follow up on that either?

I only have 12 feedback scores so far, all clicked positive except for the one neutral. I am wondering how important it is? 

Accepted Solution
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in reply to 96jan54

I would try to get them both removed-good luck.




A buyer made an error while leaving Feedback or during the transaction.




This type of Feedback may be removed:

  • The Feedback is for the wrong seller or wrong item.

  • Negative Feedback when the comment is clearly positive. Examples of clearly positive comments include "I really like the item, it's perfect," "My daughter is delighted," "Exactly what I was looking for," or "Thanks for the fast delivery and support!"





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with the new feedback removal rules this fall, Ebay says they will remove feedback if it is just 'the right thing to do".

since the feedback references the wrong transaction, contact Ebay and see if they consider removal the right thing to do in this case.

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in reply to 96jan54

Positive feedback cannot be changed.


That neutral CAN be damaging. Try to make you buyer happy and offer a request for feedback revision from your feedback forum.


You could call ebay about the incorrect positive feedback. The feedback itself doesn't matter, but you have no idea what was left for the detailed seller ratings, and that could be terrible.

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in reply to 96jan54



Feedback  has to have a neg or neutral mark to be revised. The positive stands.


The neutral - yes worth a try, see if buyer realizes that a neutral is not a "neutral" for a seller. If in agreement for revision: